Why a Certified Specialist?

Experience. Since 1993, Angela Kirby has concentrated her legal career in the area of estate planning and probate law. As an attorney and an Associate Probate Judge, Ms. Kirby knows the ins-and-outs of her field. Her probate experience in the courtroom as a judge for over five years gives her a unique perspective to the area of estate planning and probate law. Ms. Kirby has taken her experience as an Associate Probate Judge to develop various aspects of her estate planning documents to assist clients in avoiding litigation in the future. By narrowly focusing her scope as an attorney, she has been able to jump into her field, earning designations such as SuperLawyer, Midlands Elite and Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law. In her practice, she represents all types of families.

A Client-Centered Focus. Ms. Kirby takes the time to learn more about her clients and their estate planning needs by having a series of questionnaires and checklists that assist clients in the sharing of vital information. Similarly, with the probate process, Ms. Kirby uses checklists and probate punch lists to assist clients with collecting information, assets and meeting probate deadlines. Ms. Kirby believes in offering the best possible service to her clients. She uses her CPA background to work with her clients and their trusted advisors, such as their accountants and financial planners, so that she can create the best possible estate plan for their particular needs. Her highest priority is making sure her clients are protected and their estate plan reflects their true wishes.

Team Approach. Ms. Kirby believes strongly that the trusted advisors of her clients or their estates should be involved in the estate planning or probate process. We welcome the client's financial advisors, accountants, insurance agents and other advisors to all be a part of the process.

Availability. With locations in Columbia and Charleston, we are available to work with our clients wherever they need us throughout the State of South Carolina. Ms. Kirby believes in the importance of one-on-one contact with her clients, and strives to create a long-lasting relationship. Ms. Kirby wants to be there for her clients when they need her. We make house calls. If you are unable to come to one of our offices, Ms. Kirby and her staff will come to you. There are many times when our clients are unable to travel to our office or have been hospitalized unexpectedly. We understand the need for expedited service and accommodate the needs of our clients.

Certified Specialist. Ms. Kirby does not dabble in other areas of law. At Kirby Law, we stick to the area of law that we concentrate in on a daily basis. The tax laws and probate laws change on a regular basis, and Ms. Kirby concentrates her continuing legal education as well as her continuing tax education in those areas that will enhance her skills as a certified specialist in estate planning and probate law. In order to qualify as a Certified Specialist in Estate Planning and Probate Law, you must first have practiced law for over five years while concentrating your legal practice more than 50% in the areas of estate planning and probate. You must also pass an additional interview and written exam administered by a Committee created by a division of the Supreme Court. After being designated as a specialist, you must take additional continuing education classes, and you must reapply every five years to be re-certified by the Supreme Court.

Let a certified specialist assist you with your estate planning and probate needs.