Probate Administration

Serving South Carolina Families With Knowledge in Times of Need

There is no way to ease the pain of the loss of a loved one, but at Kirby Law, LLC, we can help you navigate the legal issues that accompany a death of a loved one. With over 29 years of legal experience in estate planning and probate administration, Angela Kirby has the experience and knowledge to assist with the legal aspects of the probate situation.

Ms. Kirby's years of experience as an Associate Probate Judge has given her additional insight on the probate process as well as the litigation that may be pursued. She has spent time working with those who are unsure of how to proceed in the often-confusing probate system. Because of her knowledge, she sees not only the big picture, but understands every detail of a probate case as well as the intricacies of the family dynamics. She is available to aid you during your time of need with knowledgeable, compassionate guidance.

Ms. Kirby will guide you through the process so that you meet the probate court deadlines as well as the tax filing deadlines. If there are estate taxes and final income tax forms that need to be prepared, we can also assist you or your family accountant with those filings. We review any creditor's claims made against the estate and make sure that they are valid, as well as aiding in the collection of debts owed to the estate.

With her depth of knowledge and her experience behind her, Ms. Kirby is often called upon as an expert witness in probate and trust litigation cases. Other attorneys respect her abilities and her understanding of probate and trust law and call upon her to explain difficult aspects of the law in litigated cases.

Would you like to avoid probate? We assist clients daily who want to avoid probate all together. It's all in the proper planning and titling assets correctly. The plan only works if you are thorough.

With locations throughout in Columbia and Charleston, Kirby Law, LLC, is available to assist you in your probate needs whether you are the named Personal Representative, a beneficiary or a creditor of the estate. With technology, we can assist out of state personal representatives, beneficiaries and creditors. Please contact us today.