Probate & Trust Mediation

With over 25 years of representing clients in estate planning and probate matters, Angela Kirby understands how probate and estate planning law affects her clients' needs. She stands firm for her clients and represents them to the best of her ability.

Often, this means working through the mediation process. Ms. Kirby has represented personal representatives, beneficiaries, creditors, conservators and been a guardian ad litem for incapacitated adults in contested matters. She works through the issues while adhering to the principle that her clients deserve the best possible outcome.

Ms. Kirby recently spent over forty hours being trained as a Mediator to enhance her abilities in representing her clients during mediation. This training also allows Ms. Kirby to be a selected Mediator in contested matters before the Probate Courts statewide.

Many probate courts statewide have joined the Pilot Program adopted by the Supreme Court of South Carolina, which gives discretion to the probate court to send contested cases to mediation.

Where there is a contested conservatorship, Ms. Kirby uses the skills she honed in front of the probate court and on the bench to work out the a positive solution for her client during mediation. Ms. Kirby herself often acts as an appointed conservator for incapacitated individuals without family, so she understands the importance of having the right person undertake the position.

If you find that you are involved in a contested probate matter of any kind or a contested conservatorship matter, please contact Angela Kirby at Kirby Law, LLC to assist with your mediation needs statewide.