Fiduciary Appointments

Angela Kirby has been appointed by the various probate courts to serve as guardian, conservator, trustee, personal representative and special administrator for various individuals or estates.

In litigated cases, we may serve as a Special Administrator to protect assets of an estate until the heirs litigate the case and determine who should serve as Personal Representative. We may also be permanently appointed as the personal representative in the instance where the heirs cannot work together to conclude an estate.

Ms. Kirby has also been selected by individuals and clients to serve in these fiduciary roles as well to avoid potential litigation among family members. Sometimes a trusted professional is the best solution when the client knows that the family dynamics could result in family members wasting valuable resources litigating unnecessary matters.

We also represent hospitals statewide, which reach out to us when they find themselves in need of an experienced, able attorney to serve as a guardian to help incapacitated patients make health care decisions. For those patients who don't have family, our fiduciary appointments are a means for looking after those who cannot help themselves.

Ms. Kirby's experience as a CPA and Judge helps her to accept these appointments, investigate and protect assets, and resolve disputes objectively among the various family members that cannot resolve the issues themselves without the expense and time of litigation.