Estate Planning & Asset Protection

Planning for Peace of Mind

Kirby Law, LLC, prides itself on its breadth of knowledge in estate planning. Since 1993, Angela Kirbyhas focused on this particular area of law. In her experience as an attorney and Associate Probate Judge, Ms. Kirby has been able to learn the ins-and-outs of her field.

Our estate planning covers all areas of your financial, physical and mental well being as it relates to the estate planning and probate process. This includes not only creating wills and trusts, financial powers of attorney, health care powers of attorney, living wills, and titling assets properly to accomplish the plan, but also planning for the future success of a business, protecting assets, reducing estate and gift taxes, and creating the type of trust needed for your specific circumstances. Ms. Kirby will work with you as well as with your trusted advisors, such as your accountant, financial planner, and your insurance agent, to organize your affairs so that your wishes are met and assets protected for generations.

Creating a solid estate plan will not only address your inheritance issues and estate tax issues, it is also an opportunity to create a trust for the future protection of spouse, your adult children and minor children, to name a guardian for your minor children and to ensure that your wishes are honored.

An estate plan is not only for the benefit of surviving family members or partners. Clients look to us to help them with retirement issues, starting a business, the purchase of assets, such as life insurance or real estate, and transfer of assets as well as the reduction of estate taxes, capital gains taxes and gift taxes. Also, we assist clients with titling assets properly for the client's protection, as well as to make their estate plan work. An estate plan may also include making gifts to individuals and charities. Estate planning involves the protection of assets including the creation of irrevocable trusts, prenuptial agreements and waivers of elective share. There are many avenues that we are experienced in that we can work to meet your estate and asset protection needs.

Many of our clients consider setting up a trust in addition to a will. By creating either a revocable living trust or a testamentary trust, you are able to set aside funds for your family’s benefit with potential long term benefits. We pride ourselves on creating a thoughtful estate plan for each of our clients. Ms. Kirby’s background as a CPA allows her to see the big picture from more than just the legal aspect.

Because each client comes to us with their own specific concerns and their own unique family dynamics, we work with them to create the appropriate estate plan. In addition to a last will and testament, we determine if a trust is needed and determine the type of trust that best suits the client. For example, a special needs trust or supplemental needs trust may be advisable for those client who have dependents with special needs and receive government benefits. Trusts can be created as a valuable tool, which can secure a dependent’s inheritance and assets for their own use. The types of trusts differ, and Ms. Kirby can help you choose the best option for your own circumstances.

We are also experienced in business succession planning. Our clients look to us to create a plan that will express their wishes for the protection of their business as well as their families and business partners. We identify pitfalls and assist with correcting the pitfalls in their current business plans. We understand that a proper succession plan is a must for our clients who have created a successful business. No one wants their hard work to come to an end.

An estate plan is important for everyone. It is also an ongoing process. Life changing events should prompt you to get an estate planning check-up. Ms. Kirby works with clients to show them how a proper estate plan will help them now and in the future. Circumstances change, and we want to establish a relationship with our clients so that as their lives change, we can work with them, their families and their trusted advisors to modify their estate plans.

Contact us at Kirby Law, LLC. With locations in Columbia and Charleston, we are available to work with our clients wherever they need us throughout the state of South Carolina.