Estate & Gift Taxation

Generously gifting your loved ones with money or property during your life is to be lauded. It can also, however, be taxed through the federal gift tax. Also, any property and money you own upon your death may be subject to the federal estate tax. Because you want your loved ones to receive everything from you they can, it is important to have an experienced, informed estate planning attorney working with you to ensure that your gifts and estate are taxed only as appropriate. At Kirby Law, we aid our clients in order to ensure that they receive the benefit of our understanding.

Angela Kirby's experience as an estate planning attorney, a Associate Probate Judge, and a CPA give her an unmatched perspective when it comes to understanding the tax implications of gifts and estates. Ms. Kirby is able to take a big picture view of your circumstances in order to determine the best possible means of endowing your family and loved ones with the gifts you want them to have.

Ms. Kirby can explain the tax ramifications of gifting money or property to your spouse or a qualified charity not only on the recipients but also on your estate. She understands the laws that affect gift taxes and estate taxes and will explain them to you so that you can understand how they affect your estate. While many gifts are not taxed, it is important to determine which are, in order to plan for the tax bills of both the recipient and the donor. If an estate is above a certain value, it will need an estate tax return. Ms. Kirby can help you determine if your estate falls into that category, and will you're your heirs navigate the situation when it arises. Because the federal tax laws for gifts and estates seem to be constantly in flux, it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney work with you in creating an estate plan that takes this into account.

Kirby Law is available throughout South Carolina in order to work with you in working through the tax implications that arise with gift and estate taxes. Contact us at our offices in Columbia, Charleston, Camden, and Murrells Inlet. We look forward to working with you.