Practice Areas

Kirby Law, LLC, is a boutique estate planning and probate law firm serving the entire state of South Carolina. We believe in developing our practice in one facet of the law and doing it exceedingly well. We focus on our clients' financial and estate planning needs so that they are able to rest easy, knowing that their estate plan is in place for their immediate family as well as future generations. We also assist families with the probate administration and trust administration of their loved ones.

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Estate Planning

Planning for Peace of Mind Kirby Law, LLC, prides itself on its breadth of knowledge in estate planning. Since 1993, Angela Kirbyhas focused on this particular area of law. In her experience as an attorney and Associate Probate Judge, Ms. Kirby has b… Read More

Probate Administration

Serving South Carolina Families With Knowledge in Times of Need There is no way to ease the pain of the loss of a loved one, but at Kirby Law, LLC, we can help you navigate the legal issues that accompany a death of a loved one. With over 29 years of… Read More

Trust Administration

If an estate plan contains one or more trusts, a probate proceeding through the court system may not be necessary if the trust is properly funded prior to the death of the Settlor or Grantor. However, the estate plan must be put into effect, and that… Read More

Fiduciary Appointments

Angela Kirby has been appointed by the various probate courts to serve as guardian, conservator, trustee, personal representative and special administrator for various individuals or estates. In litigated cases, we may serve as a Special Administrato… Read More

Business Succession Planning

At Kirby Law, we aid our clients in all aspects of estate planning. That includes working with our clients who own their own family or closely-held businesses. We understand that you built up your business and are enjoying its success. We know that y… Read More

Elder Law

As our clients and their families grow older, they soon realize that there are special needs and challenges that arise. At Kirby Law, LLC, we aid our clients with long-term estate planning, tax planning, and heath care planning. With a background as… Read More

Probate & Trust Mediation

With over 25 years of representing clients in estate planning and probate matters, Angela Kirby understands how probate and estate planning law affects her clients’ needs. She stands firm for her clients and represents them to the best of her a… Read More

Estate & Gift Taxation

Generously gifting your loved ones with money or property during your life is to be lauded. It can also, however, be taxed through the federal gift tax. Also, any property and money you own upon your death may be subject to the federal estate tax. Be… Read More

Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is an excellent method for keeping your assets your own in the event of a divorce and/or the death of your partner. At Kirby Law, we understand that a solid estate plan includes a prenuptial agreement. Rather than neglect your… Read More